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Tournament Rules

Tournament  Rules

This tournament will take place on a Tribes 3: Rivals playtest build.  Admins may change the rules based on the build available.


Player Eligibility

Ineligible players: Tournament administrators and Prophecy developers are not eligible to compete in the tournament

Age restrictions: Players must be at least the age of 13 to compete

Prizing: Players located in Russia will not be eligible for prizing

Discord: All players must be in the official Tribes 3: Discord and not have a banned account during the time of the tournament 

Draft Process

Captain Selection: Captains will be appointed by the tournament admins based on the following criteria:

  1. Willingness to support and coach new players.
  2. Familiarity with other members of the community.

Initial Captains Meeting: Admins will have a captains meeting to review expectations.  This meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 20th at 1pm EST (7pm CET, 10am EST) .  All captains are expected to attend the meeting to go over rules.

Pre Draft Selection: To mitigate smurfing captains will provide a pre draft selection list to the admins by Friday January 26th at 6pm EST (10pm CET, 3pm PST).  Any players not on the lists will be randomly assigned to teams. Captain’s lists will be combined to create a list of players eligible to be drafted.  Admins reserve the right to add or remove players from the list with or without consulting with Captains.  Captains can include any players they are interested in drafting on their list.

Draft Broadcast: The draft will be broadcast live at on the following dates:

  • NA Draft: Friday, January 26th at 8pm EST (5pm PST)
  • EU Draft: Saturday, January 27th at 1pm EST (10am PST)

Captains must be available at these times to select their players.

Draft Order: Draft order will be assigned randomly using  This will take place live at the start of the draft process.

Selection Process: Captains will select players using a snake draft.  The last captain to draft each round will have first pick in the following round.  Selection will then continue in the reverse order of the prior round (eg. 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1, 1…)

Random Allocation: Once all eligible players are selected the remaining players will be randomly allocated.  The first set of random players will be assigned to any teams with outstanding picks from the current round.  Afterwards remaining players will be allocated based on the first round pick order.  Randomly assigning players will be done in two batches with experienced players assigned first followed by new players.

Draft Completion: Upon completion of the draft team rosters will be posted along with captains discord names.  If players do not receive a message from their captains they can reach out using the provided name.

Captain Responsibilities

Team Communication: Upon completion of the draft captains will be provided with a list of their teams discord names.  Captains should advise their teams of where to meet on the day of the tournament.

Admin Communication: Captains will be the primary point of contact for admins during the tournament.  If a team is unable to get in contact with their Captain they should appoint a new captain and have them reach out to the admins.

Check Ins:  Captains are required to check their team in 1 hour prior to the start of competition.  As part of this process they should ensure they have enough players to field a full team.  Admins will assist in finding substitutes or roster changes for teams with too few players if provided with sufficient notice.

Game Reporting: Captains are expected to report the results of each game along with a screenshot of the final scoreboard.  The screenshot must include the roster of players included in that game and be posted in the #tourney-results channel on the official discord.  Results should be reported immediately following the end of the match.

Player Availability: Captains should communicate with their players as soon as possible following the draft.  Admins will assist with moving players from teams lacking full rosters as much as possible.

Player Selection: Captains should select players for each match.  The selection process must ensure each player allocated to the team and available at the tournament start gets to play in at least one match.  Captains found to be excluding players from matches will be disqualified from the draft and may be banned from further Tribes 3 competition.

Contacting Opponents:  Captains should contact the opposing captain once the bracket is posted.  If captains are unable to contact the opposing captain they should contact an admin.

No Shows:  All players for the match should be in the server ready to play 10 minutes after the bracket is posted.  If a team is not present or missing players the team short players may be given a forfeit.  If teams have not completed their matches by 30 minutes after the start time both teams may be assigned a loss.


Player Responsibilities

Player Availability: Players are expected to be available during the tournament.  If you sign up and then find out you are unavailable please update your signup to note that.  If you will not be able to play at tournament start please note that in your signup and notify your captain.  Players who are not available at tournament start may not get to play in a match.

Player Exclusion: If as a player you are being excluded from playing please notify the admins by sending a direct message to JimChrist on the Tribes 3 Discord.  Any players involved in excluding a player from playing may be banned from further Tribes 3 competition.

Unavailable Captains:  If teams find their captains unavailable at check-in time they should appoint a new Captain.  The new captain should immediately reach out to the admins to notify them of the change.  The new captain will be responsible for everything outlined in the Captain Responsibilities Section.

Roster Changes and Substitutions 

Insufficient Players:  Teams with insufficient players should be reported to the tournament admins as soon as possible.  Admins will make every effort to move players and merge teams to ensure players who do show up get to play.

Substitutions:  Player substitutions can only be made by the Admins.  Captains cannot modify their rosters in any way after the draft.  Once the tournament starts substitutions will not be allowed.  Captains are responsible for ensuring their team has enough players to field a team plus a reasonable number of substitutes.  Exceptions to this rule are provided below

Substitution Exceptions: Admins may substitute players or merge rosters after teams have multiple losses.  This will be done to ensure players who wish to continue competing can.  Please Note: Due to the format, these teams will already be out of the competition for prizing.  This is merely to ensure players that want to continue playing can.

NA Tournament Format

Region: All games will be played in the NA region.

Score: Games will be played to the number of captures required by the default playtest settings.

Team Sizes: Games will be played with 12 players on each team.

Swiss Round (Bo1):  Teams will be randomly seeded into a swiss tournament.  The winner of the swiss will automatically move to the grand finals.

Bracket Round (Bo3): At the end of the swiss the teams ranked 2nd-5th will play a single elimination bracket.  The winner will move on to the grand final.

Grand Finals (Bo3): The two qualified teams will play in the grand finals match to decide the tournament winner.

EU Tournament Format

Region: All games will be played in the EU region.

Score: Games will be played to the number of captures required by the default playtest settings.

Team Sizes: Games will be played with 7 players on each team.

Round Robin (Bo1):  Teams will play a round robin in a single group.  The top two teams will advance to the grand finals.

Grand Finals (Bo3): The two qualified teams will play in the grand finals match to decide the tournament winner.

Tournament Format Details

Scoring: In Swiss and Group Stage rounds draws will be discord for 0.5 points and Wins will award 1 point.

Swiss Tie-Breakers: 

  1. Wins vs Tied Participants
  2. Median-Buchholz System
  3. Points Difference

Group Stage Tie-Breakers

  1. Wins vs Tied Participants
  2. Score Differential
  3. Total Score

Unbreakable Ties: In the case a tie still persists after the above tie-breakers the tie will be broken using

Map Selection

Map Pool: Admins will confirm the final map pool during the North American Draft.

Map Selection: Swiss rounds will be played on the map assigned for the current round by the admins. For Bracket matches both teams will ban a map starting with the higher seed. Each team will then pick a map starting with the higher seed. The picked maps will be played in the order picked followed by the remaining map if necessary.


Team Check-in: 1 hour prior to tournament start.

NA First Match: Saturday, January 27th at 4pm EST

EU First Match: Sunday, January 28th at 4pm CET

Additional Matches: Brackets for each round will be posted after the end of the final round.  Games should start within 10 minutes of the bracket being posted.

Weapon, Perk and Pack Bans & Class Limits

Weapons Bans: No weapons are banned.

Perk Bans: No perks are banned.

Pack Bans: No packs are banned.

Class Limits: There are no additional class limits outside of those existing in the game.


Disputing Results

Match Recording: All teams are advised to have at least one player recording the match to help settle disputes.  Disputes may not be considered without a recording.

Dispute Timing: Due to the limited timing available teams should message an admin as soon as possible with any concerns.  Disputes may not be resolved if they are brought to the admins with insufficient time before the start of the next round.

Bugs & Exploits

Disclaimer: By competing in the competition you acknowledge the game is in early development and serious bugs may occur impacting the competition.  There should be no expectation that admins will take action when a bug impacts the outcome of a game or the competition except when the bug, action or scenario is listed in this document.  Admins reserve the right to make additional rulings on bugs when in the spirit of fair competition.

Bugs Preventing the Game Continuing: If a bug occurs that prevents the game continuing teams should remake the game and play to a combined score of 5.

Exploits: Intentional use of an exploit will result in disqualification of the offending team and may result in a ban from future Tribes 3 competition.  Admins will have final say on whether the occurrence of a bug is the result of an intentional exploit by a team.

Bugs During the Bracket Round: Admins will be available during bracket round matches to immediately rule on bugs whenever possible.

Rule Changes

Rules will be enforced based on the Admin’s determination.  Rules may be added, modified or removed as necessary.

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