TRIBES 3: Rivals Rumble
NA & EU Draft Tournament

TRIBES 3: Rivals Rumble
NA & EU Draft Tournament


Celebrating Tribes 25th Anniversary

Signups: January 5th to 25th
NA Draft: Friday, January 26
NA Tournament: Saturday, January 27
EU Draft: Saturday, January 27
EU Tournament: Sunday, January 28

Tournament Overview

Tribes 3 NA

  • Draft Tournament
  • $4500 Prize Pool
  • Saturday, January 27th
  • 4pm EST (1pm PST)

Tribes 3 EU

  • Draft Tournament
  • $4500 Prize Pool
  • Sunday, January 28th
  • 4pm CET

Matches will be streamed on Twitch


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TRIBES 3: Rivals is a team-based first person shooter that elevates the genre with jetpacks, skiing, and class-based warfare. Teamwork, tactics, high speed, and intense combat are supreme in this rebirth of the world’s fastest shooter.

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